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Here you can find answers to the frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please use the "Contact Us" form.


How to register as a User?

To register as a User you need to follow the standard registration procedure. Than Administrator consider your candidacy. You would be informed about the results by email.

Are there streaming time limitations?

You are able to stream three times for 30 minutes, this time is given every 24 hours. Minutes cannot be combined or divided. There are no fixed time intervals between streams.

What to do if I need more time for streaming?

You can purchase extra time for streaming. In your profile, under the Settings tab, select the amount of time you need and pay in any convenient way (by a new card, already attached card or by PayPal).

Can I become an Influencer?

Yes, please contact us using the "Contact us" form. Specify the reason why you want to get an Influencer status, links to social networks, and any information that may affect on decision. We will review your request and will update you with the decision.

How can I earn on the platform as a User?

You can earn by accepting personal chat requests from your followers and accepting their virtual gifts.

Can I buy Services & Gifts or invite Influencers to a private chat?

Sure, you can buy Services & Gifts, invite Influencers to a private chat or make a subscriptions.

What storage do I get?

You get 20 GB storage for your uploaded videos and live streams. If it is not enough, you may subscribe to extra storage under your account. Subscription is charged monthly!

As a User, Can I sell Services & Gifts or perform Events?

No, such possibilities are available only for Influencers.

Is it safe to use my credit card on the platform?

Order and payment pages are securely protected, all data entered by you is being sent through an encrypted channel to the credit company.

All the info about your card is not stored in our system (except for the last 4 digits for the identification procedure), so there is no possibility of getting your card details from the platform.


How to register as an Influencer?

To register as an Influencer you need to follow the standard registration procedure. Your request is being sent to us for considering your candidacy. You will be informed about the results by email.

How do I earn on the platform?

You can provide paid services, sell gifts, suggest Online Events, accept invitations to private chat and have subscribers. The more interesting videos you post the more subscribers you have .

How to withdraw my earnings?

In Reports & Finances tab you can find your balance. Your account is converted to Upers and currency. To withdraw the funds, press the "Withdraw" button and enter the card number, PayPal or other ways in which the Administrator can transfer the earned funds to you.

How to create Online Event?

To create an Online Event choose the "Online" type and set the price for tickets. The Event will appear on the Homepage and on your profile after moderation. Be aware, you won't be able to edit Events after moderation.

What is the max streaming time?

Maximum streaming time is 1 hour 30 min.

How can I sell Service or Gift?

In order to sell Service or Gift you have to create a sale announcement and send it to our Administrator for moderation. Your Service or Gift will appear on the Homepage and on your profile after moderation. Be aware! You won`t be able to perform changes after moderation. Supplying gifts and services is done by the seller, the platform is responsible for the financial part only.

What storage I get?

You get 50 GB storage for your uploaded videos and live streams. If you need more storage you may get it under your account. Subscription is charged monthly.

Can I make fee-based video?

You can make any upload video fee-based. Specify that this video will be fee-based and set your price. To make fee-based stream create Online Event.

How much can I earn on the platform?

You will get 85% from all earnings on the platform. Platform takes 15% fee.

How to get more subscribers?

To get more subscribers to your channel, let your audience know about your streams in all Social Networks, share with your friends and family and invite them all to the platform. Make your streams at least once a week, get likes and comments. Popular streams will always appear on the Homepage and will be exposed to all the visitors.

What type of services could I suggest to my audience?

You can suggest personal greetings, visit or performing on a personal occasion, cup of coffee with your subscriber, visit a balancing session or repetition or other kind of personal interaction.

How to make my streams more atractive?

In order to make your streams more attractive and interesting, make sure you are streaming unique content, which is not available on any other social network. Stream content related to your personal life (hairdresser visit, repetition, meeting friends). Such streams make your subscribers feel closer to their star and get more attractive for them. Your streams shouldn't be long. Chat with the connected subscribers during the stream and let them feel closer.

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